Quiz on Raga Madhyamavati

by Dr. V. V. Srivatsa

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Here are the answers and the winner of the Raganubhava Quiz on Madhyamavati presented last week:

1. Madhyamavati is one of the select twenty eight Ragas in which there is at least one composition by each member of the Trinity. What is the total number of Compositions by the Trinity in Raga Madhyamavati?

A: Twenty two (Tyagaraja - 15, Dikshitar - 4, Shyama Shastri - 3)

2. Which composition in this Raga praises the bow and arrow of Lord Rama?

A: "Evaricherira" by Tyagaraja

3. Identify a strongly-worded Nindastuti composition in this Raga.

A: "Adigi Sukhamu" by Tyagaraja

4. What is the limitation imposed on that composition?

A: This song should not be sung at weddings and other auspicious occassions.

5. Identify the compositions in this Raga dedicated to Tiruvaiyaru.

A: "Mucchhata Brahmadulaku" by Tyagaraja and "Dharmasamvardhani" by Dikshitar.

6. Madhyamavati is deemed to be an auspicious Raga. Which is the composition suited for rendition at the conduct of “Nalangu”?

A: "Nagumomu Galavari" by Tyagaraja

7. Which is the highly esoteric song loaded with Mantras, in this Raga, which can be sung only by initiated persons?

A: The mantrakshara kriti "Shri Rajarajeshwari" by Dikshitar

8. Who is the Composer of a song, in this Raga, which is constructed like a conversation?

A: Narayana Teertha; the taranga is "Kalabhagati Shobha"

9. The original tune of a Taranga, now being rendered in Raga Bhageshri is Madhyamavati. Identify the Taranga.

A: "Govindamiha Gopikananda Kandam"

10. Identify the two compositions, in this Raga, dedicated to Devi Tripurasundari.

A: "Maha Tripurasundari" by Dikshitar & "Shrimad Tripurasundari" by Muttiah Bhagavatar

11. Has Mysore Vasudevachar composed in this Raga?

A: Yes. (e.g. "Nannu Brova Raada")

12. A rare Kriti in Tishra Mattya Tala is found in this Raga. Identify the same.

A: "Brihannayaki" by Shyama Shastri

13. In which composition is the Kakasura episode of the Ramayana referred to?

A: "Evaricherira" by Tyagaraja

14. Which is the autobiographic-type composition of Tyagaraja, where he laments that mortals blamed him?

A: "Nadupai Balikeru" by Tyagaraja

15. In which composition can we link Devi, Madhyamavati and Tyagaraja?

A: "Vinayakuni Valenu"

16. Identify the Telugu composition dedicated to an ancient shrine located in Chennai.

A: "Parthasarathi nannu palimpa raada" by Poochi Srinivasa Iyengar

17. Kritis in this Raga with a Ragamudra?

A: "Dharmasamvardhani" by Dikshitar, "Bharati Bhagavati" by Cheyyur Chengalvaraya Shastri

18. Which is the most popular song in this Raga, in Tamil, in praise of Lord Muruga? (Tiruppugazhs to be excluded)

A: "Sharavanabhava Guhane"

19. Which composition of Papanasam Sivan has been elevated to the status of a Mangalam.

A: "Karpagame Kadaikkann Parai" 

20. Which is the Mangala-Kriti in Raga Madhyamavati, specifically composed as a Mangala Kriti?

A: "Kamakshi Lokasakshini" by Shyama Shastri

The prize for the maximum number of correct answers goes to Ms. V. Subhasri of R. A. Puram, Chennai who got 17 right answers out of 20. Congratulations, Subhasri!

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