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Clarinet in Carnatic Music

Adapting the Saxophone to Carnatic Music

Flute techniques - Past and present

The Magic Flute

Nagaswaram - Presentation of a distinctive technique

Nadaswaram - The Mangala Vadyam

The Guitar and Carnatic Music

More about Mandolin

The Mandolin - A brief history

The Viola

Singing on the Violin

The power of Violin and its role as an accompaniment in Indian Music

The rise of Violin in the South - Adaptation at its best

Chitravina - An Introduction

Vina playing technique

Vina  -  You think we create

Vina: Its exalted status in Carnatic Music - Part 2

Vina: Its exalted status in Carnatic Music - Part 1

Yazh to Guitar by Prof. V V Subramanyam in Vadyanubhava, Part 1


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