The Morsing is another secondary percussion string instrument played along with the mridangam in Carnatic concerts. Identical to the Jew’s harp, it is an ancient instrument with a nasal, twangy sound.


Construction: The morsing consists of a 'tongue' of springy metal that is supported within a circular ring of iron which forms a frame. The 'tongue' is slightly curved at the free end and protrudes beyond the ring at the other end.

Tuning: The instrument can be tuned by applying wax to the 'tongue'.

Posture and playing technique: The instrument is held between the thumb and forefinger of the left hand and the narrow portion is inserted into the mouth. The curved end of the 'tongue' is plucked with the forefinger of the right hand. The cavity of the mouth serves as the resonator and a variety of sounds can be produced by the performer by opening his mouth wider or by controlling his breath and also manipulating his tongue.

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