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PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, 2008 5:07 pm 

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Concert of TNS at MFA on 21-12-2008- 4hours and 15 minutes

Standing ovation to the stalwart of music

TNS was accompanied by MChadrasekharan on violin, B.Harikumar on mrdangam and N.Govindarajan on ghatam.

TNS started the concert with raga alapana in saveri and followed it with the krthi ‘Srirajagopala’ of Dikshotar. The saveri raga was heart-melting .and so was the krthi. The next was the raga shanmukapriya which was exhilarating and TNS sang the krthi of Patnam Subramania ayyar, ‘marivere dhikkeverayya,’ and it was dripping with bhava. The meaning of the krthi was beautifully expressed by his rendition such as ‘maati maatiki,’ where the devotee asks the Lord “do I have to tell you again and again?’ and in singing ‘dhayachesi broche,’ TNS brought out the plea for mercy fully. and it is wonderful to see how many bhavas he depicted in the word ‘nyaaayama,’ in the last line. He asked the Lord Venkatesa, appealingly and gradually with deeper sentiment and in the end demanding to know whether it was just, not to show His grxce.

The neraval- svara was sung at ‘sannuthaanga sreevankatesa,’ and by his svraas TNS decorated the Lord with ornaments and performed a brahmothsava. In both savrei and shanmukhapriya MC supplied eminent support which continued till the end of the concert.

Next was the thiruppavai of the day puLLum silambina kaaN. The birds chirping, flew and the girl being awakened with gentle persuasion . The Lord sleeping leisurely in veLLatthu aravu, the contemplation of His form by the sages , uLLatthu kondu, in their hearts who chanted His name which became a great sound, ‘hari enrapEraravam,’ all this was made visual by singing. This brought to mind the same pasuram sung by him few years back in KGS when the sound Hari was reverberating through the whole area.

TNS sang ‘nenarunchinanau,’ next, in which the chittasvaran had the usual change of nadais and was enchanting.

‘Yaarenru raaghavnai eNnineero ammaa,’ Iin Yadukulakambodhi of Arunachalakavi followed next and this brought memories of his harikatha on Ramayana where he sang and explained this krthi, which was the words of Lakshmana to Seetha who urged him to go to the help of Rama on hearing the cry of Mareecha ‘haa seethe , haa lakshmana.’ Lakshman tries to reason out with her and pleads with her not to put him to test by cruel words etc. TNS brought eh whole bhava of the song with his music . In the line ‘aNNan Sunduviral pOdhaadhO is not the liitle finger of Rama is enough to kill the foes?’ TNS with his singing the word ‘sunduviral’ brought the bhava in full and also in the line which means if Rama sounds his bow , kodhandam, all the three worlds will break, ‘moodhandam piLakkume’ and the rasikas could hear the sound of moodhandam breaking through his music.

Then came the rags thodi and TNS after doing alapana for a while, which needs no description after saying that it was thodi, left it to Krishna to finish the raga, who did an excellent job of it and was commended loudly by MC who is a rasika first and then an accompanist, and drew a tumultuous applause from the rasikas. The krthi was ‘Dasukovalena,’ of Thyagaraja and the neraval- svara was at ‘soumithri thyaagraaju,’ and was fantastic with grhabhedha through the svaras and both TNS and Krishna sang alternatively and when Krishna started the korvai TNS also joined and brought it to a finish. The contribution of the percussionists was commendable during the .krthi and the thani that followed was commendable.

Rasikas had a great surprise in store after the thani. TNS started the raga alapana of poorvikalyani, which suggested a possible RTP,. Yes, it was RTP but a three tier one. TNS started sreeraga after poorvi kalyanai and then sang ragesree . The thanam was sung wonderfully with the ragas changing quickly in very brief phrases which was lauded loudly by MC. The pallavi was ‘veenaagaana dhasa gamakakriya rage sree raajamaathangi.’ The svara was again an exposition of mastery of ragas with swift changes from one raga to another and the hall was three fourths full even at that time which was nearing 10pm (concert started at 6pm) which shows the fascination of the rasikas with the performance. of the day.

TNS then sand the bajan of Tulasidas , ‘thoodhayaaLu dheen ham,’ in raga revati in quite Hindustani style. The concert ended with the huseni thillana of TNS about which MC did not leave anyone in doubt and announced that it was the composition of TNS.

Through out the concert MC was all in appreciation and also supplied full support on violin to make the concert a big success which brought a standing ovation from the rasikas.

Concert of TNS at Nungambakkam cultural academy on 22-12-2008

TNS was accompanied by M.Chandrasekharan on violin, Guruvayur Dorai on mrdhangam and S.Ravichandran on ghatam.

TNS started the concert with kalyani varnam and then he sang asaveri, and sprung a surprise on those who would have thought that it would be ‘chandram baja,’ today being Monday, by starting the Thyagarajakrthi ‘lekana.’ This was followed by raga alapana of panthuvarali and the krthi was again of Thyagaraja, ‘ninnunera.’ The nerval -svaram was at ‘vedasastrapurana..’ Both asaveri nad panthuvarali was full of aesthetic beauty.

Then TNS started the raga bhairavi . This is the first bhairavi from him in this season and it was beautiful.. What followed was the thiruppavai of the day, ‘keesu keesu enrengum.’

The next was raga bilahari and a brisk ‘paridanmicchithe.,’ of patnam sunbramania ayyar and the neraval- svara was at ‘rokkamicchudagune,’ the whole piece being rendered with buoyancy.

TNS then took up the ramanataka krthi ‘ramanukku mannan mudi,’ in hindolam which is a rasika’s favourite and then he started an elaborate raga alapana of sankarabharanam. And the krthi was ‘enthugu peddhala,’ of Thyagaraja with neraval svaram at ‘vedasatrathathvaarTha,’ which was leisurely and exhaustive.

After the thani by Guruvayur Dorai and Ravichandran, TNS started the raga saveri and it was RTP with pallavi, ‘eduga thelisi koluvaiyunnade,’ with ragamalika svara. It was a RTP in a capsule form with a potency of a full dose.

On the whole it was an enjoyable concert with the able support from MC and GD and last but not least was the sloka ‘krishnaya vasudevaya,’ the first line of which was sung in senchuruti and nadhanamakriya, the second line in punnagavarali and yaman kalyani, all the ragas delineated in their full beauty both by TNS and MC, and though yamankalyani with which the second line ended brought the thought of ‘krishna nee begane ,’ which MC also hinted by his playing, TNS went back to the first line and ended the sloka in sindhubhairavi and sang the thiruppavai, ‘anru ivvulagam.’ TNS ended the concert with ‘mangalam kosalendhraya ‘ in sreeragam. Today thus, was a tribute to the chakravarthi thirumagan.

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started the concert with raga alapana in all you can eat buffet essen saveri and followed it with the krthi ‘Srirajagopala’ of Dikshotar. The saveri raga was heart-melting .and so was the krthi.

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I don't know what should I say about website, the people here helped me to pass my math exam starting from their tutorials to people solving my questions in a friendly way, I will donate to the site for sure.

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