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PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2007 9:08 pm 

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.Review of the concert ofTNS in Ayodhya mandapam on 4-4-2007

The concert was lifted to the skies like a jet from the start.. Every time TNS seemed to reach a height which looks as though he has reached the zenith only to find that he can go even higher in his next concert.

Yesterday everyone of his rendering was a diamond that decorated the crown of this gayakasimhaendra while the simmendramadhyama was truly a simha nadha shining as the gaykasimhendra kireeta madhyamani.

When he started the sahana in the beginning it was not quite obvious as to what was going to follow though when he started 'vandanamu,' one could see that it could not have been anything else. The svara had all the usual beauty and the ganavaridhi krthi 'dhayajoochuda,' has all the charm one could expect from him.

Next came a fantastic rendering of 'thanavari' in Begada, a very racy pace and with svaras streaming in a marvellous flow, which was a wonder to behold and TNS was ably assisted by SDSridhar and KVPrasad making it a real treat for the rasikas.

The same fare was presented later in 'Brovabharama,' the two together constituting the sentiment of closeness and familiarity which Thyagaraja must have displayed towards Rama.

All concerts of TNS possess a thematic undertone sometimes explicit and sometimes implied and this was no exception.Starting from vandanamu, offering salutations to Rama, the explicit theme being about Rama but the implying theme was entreaty after salutation, by 'dayajoochuda,'the tone changing to a demanding one in the ,'Thanavarithana' and the next was again plaintive varali, ,'Etijanma' in which the raga was exquisitely rendered that took the rasikas to a different realm altogether and hearing the krthi one could definitely feel that 'ETijanmamithi hA,' to not to be blessed to enjoy and appreciate such music.

TNS sang the svaras at 'sAgaraSayanuni,' ending each phrase in thArashadjam thus making it a svarakshara. The combination of svaras were something fabulous and in keeping with the mood of the song.The word 'vegame' was sung in a picturesque manner in different ways to depict the haste expressed by Thyagaraja to see the Lord in ksheerasagara and we could also see the speed of the Lord who Himself hastened to come to the devotee as much as the latter was in a hurry to see Him.

In BrovabhArama again there was the demanding attirtude of Thyagaraja portrayed by the way of rendering and the svaras looked as though to illustrate the miracle of the Lord having all the worlds in His udhara, 'andakotla kukshi neeyinchukoledha,' such was the magic with laya showing all the possible permutations and combinations in svaras.

Next was the Bindhumalini krthi 'entha muddho entha sogasO,' started with anupallavi. This piece is always a sudha bindhumalini with TNS. . Carrying on the theme mentioned above, one can imagine that the Lord has heard the cry of the devotee and has presented Himself and the beauty and grace of His form is described therein. this rasika could not help feeling the truth of the words, 'satthabhAvgavathavesulairi thutthapAlaruchi theliyusAmyamE,' that is unless the musician feels the sentiment expressed by the song and sings with the same me divine experience felt by the composer it is similar to expecting the vessel to know the taste of milk it contains.

The main item of the day was RTP in simhendramadhyamam and as I already mentioned it was a simha nadham. The pallavi 'raghupathe rAmachandra rAghavasimha dhayAnidhe justified the theme and depicted the joy of the devotee on seeing the Lord in front and praising Him.

Words fail me to express the RTP. Rama was said to show Narasimha in him once on the battle field to reassure Sugriva. I could only experience the same on hearing the simhendramadhyamam yesterday. Rama changed into Narasimha and it was the roar of the Narsimha coming out of the pillar and blessing His devotees. Such was the raga and the svara that flowed from TNS.

I express what I felt and surely it would also be the feeling of all his ardent rasikas, though in a different manner.

After a brilliant thani by KVPrasad and TVVasan the concert
ended with 'he dhayAluva,,' and ,Ramamanthravajapiso.

It took us, me and my friend who is also an ardent rasika. nearly an hour after the concert to comeback to earth from the heavenly region to which we were transported and it is a miracle we reached home safely without losing our direction!

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:48 am 

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