Carnatica's new showroom
"Samskriti - The Cultural Shoppe" Inaugurated

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"Samskriti - The Cultural Shoppe", a cultural showroom promoted by Carnatica was launched in Chennai on Sunday, Oct. 2nd 2005 by Sri. R. Nataraj (Commissioner of Police, Chennai). Prominent vocalist Smt. Sudha Ragunathan lit the kuthuvilakku in the presence of Sri. Mohan Parasaran (Addl. Solicitor General, Govt. of India and Chairman, Carnatica Archival Centre) and a large gathering of music lovers.

The showroom hosts a range of CDs, cassettes, VCDs, DVDs, books, musical instruments and other cultural products in a state-of-the-art ambience. In addition to Carnatica's own releases, the store will feature titles from several major recording labels including Charsur, Kosmic, Vani, Amutham and Rajalakshmi Audio. The catalaogue will span all musical genres. The culture shop would also feature best sellers, collectors' choice, vintage classics and new talents sections.

The highlight of the store (located at 9, Arulambal St., T. Nagar) will be a special weekly auction and discount counter where the customers could bid and pick up CDs, old records, record players, special personal collection items, musical instruments and other culture products. The store is equipped with listening booths, LCD projection system for customers and an informal cafe for archival and library members. This retail outlet for music and culture products is unique and the special features include theme of the week (commencing with Navaratri), Artiste of the week, etc. Every week the shoppers could choose their favourite artiste or album of the week and receive gifts from a guest artiste apart from a chat session with the artiste.

All the products hosted in the store will also be eventually available online at Carnatica's Online Shopping Arcade.

Carnatica's gurukulam in the first floor will be an ideal meeting point for music lovers, music students, performers or teachers. For more information, E-mail:  Phone: (044) 5212 4130 / 5260 5000, (91) 98400 15013 / 94440 18269 / 94440 18270.

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