A Letter to NRI Musicians and Dancers
from Hamsadhwani, Chennai

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Hamsadhwani renews its warm greetings to musicians, dancers and patrons of our carnatic system living abroad.

HAMSADHWANI plans to hold its 12th NRI annual festival of music and dance concerts (two a day) from December 9th, 2006 lasting till January 5th, 2007 on our usual grand scale. We held music recitals only till 2001. Later taking advantage of the excellent permanent stage that has been built, we introduced some dance performances (including ballet) in December (2002 and 2003) in response to persistent requests from NRI dancers all these years. We had a record of 50 concerts (35 music and 15 dance recitals in 2004) in celebration of our 10th year.

Beginning with 4 concerts 12 years ago, the programme has swelled to 53. This series is most expensive to us as we meet the costs entirely from our own resources. We get no sponsorship support whatever for the NRI festival. We do not mind the financial burden because we offer happiness to you NRIs, who work hard on your music/dance amidst the job pressures abroad. We appreciate that you spend enormous amounts of money to come to India and the least we can do is to provide you a platform. We function in total transparency.

The only thing we expect of you is that you become a patron member (a one time payment obviously). NRI artistes who have performed for us in the previous years and are already our patron members are not required to make any contribution unless it is voluntary and spontaneous as a donation. Our experience is that NRI musicians abroad respond to our request with enthusiasm. Our remuneration is on par with what we do for our Indian artistes here. The festival has brought us immense satisfaction and earned us a distinctive reputation here in India and abroad as well.

We appeal to NRIs who are planning to visit Chennai during this December 2006 to communicate to us the duration of your stay here and the days you are available so that we can schedule your programme. Please indicate your sruti as well.

Musicians and dancers of merit, who have not performed in our series so far, are also welcome to respond, enclosing their biodata. We contemplate featuring drama also. Infact on July 14, 2005 a U.S. NRI team KREA presented a drama “Sruti Bedham” of excellent standards. We would like to include Harikatha and discourses and have decided to constitute the Hamsadhwani International chapter to hold the NRI festival.

A request to you is made hereby to use your good offices with your NRI relatives and to join the Hamsadhwani International chapter as members. Kindly respond by email by August 31, 2006 to help us scheduling the programme by Sept / Oct 2006.

Contact: Hamsadhwani, No: 2, Eighth Lane, Indira Nagar, Adyar, Chennai – 600 020. Kindly note the following contact email addresses: 1) hamsadhwani@vsnl.net  2) goparna@yahoo.com  3) Tele: 91-44-2491 5555 (R. Ramachandran) 4) Tele: 91-44-2491 9225 (Aparna Gopalakrishnan) 5) Tele: 91-44-2491 0552 (N. Neelakantan)

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