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Carnatica Archival Centre (CAC) is a trust that was officially launched in July 1999. The Centre aims to preserve, promote and propagate Carnatic music globally. It proposes to achieve its aims by archiving and documenting the works of composers, musicians through audio / video / books or other media for posterity and making them accessible to the general public, private or government institutions and music students or practitioners throughout the world.

CAC also proposes to organise exhibitions, educational programmes, concerts, seminars, lec-dems and other related activities. Also on the agenda are plans to start a hi-tech library by installing computers, video and audio projection systems and other equipment, both for storage and retrieval of recorded data relating to Carnatic music, which would be made available to music lovers and performers. CAC would also associate in other activities directly or indirectly beneficial to the cause of Carnatic music system, its practitioners and music lovers.


Raganubhava is a very special programme of CAC and is aimed to enable a better understanding of Carnatic ragas. It is generally done on a monthly basis and has evoked tremendous response from all quarters. You can find below the online version of the CAC Newsletter that is published and circulated at each Raganubhava session.

Arabhi and Devagandhari Newsletter Poorvikalyani Newsletter
Yadukulakambhoji Newsletter Mukhari Newsletter
Surati Newsletter Kedaragowla Newsletter
Natakurinji Newsletter Durbar Newsletter
Dhanyasi Newsletter Varali Newsletter
Begada Newsletter Anandabhairavi Newsletter
Saveri Newsletter Sahana Newsletter

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